MC2020 Breakout Sneak Peek

These breakouts are subject to change.

Break out and stand out with sessions organized into three dedicated tracks: Leads, Listings and Leverage. Plus, open-choice sessions on the most pressing topics and challenges you face today.


Find the Motivated and Get to the Table: Lead Generation and Conversion in a Shift: To thrive in the current pivot, you must shift your lead generation into the highest gear possible! Hear lessons learned from top agents who have focused their lead generation efforts, are converting those leads into contracts and closings, and discover what you can do to strengthen your core business.

Get Creative: New Solutions for Virtual Lead Generation: Unprecedented times call for new and creative approaches to your systems and models. Find out how Mega Agents are challenging their tried and true models and staying top of mind by implementing creative virtual lead generation solutions.

The Fortune is in the Follow-up: Do you have the leads, but not the business? Learn how to “mine” the fortune that is out there waiting for you, and find out how top agents keep their follow-up fine-tuned.


Thrive in the Market of the Moment: Today’s Top Seller Opportunities: Have you mastered all the opportunities that exist in your current market? Explore today’s markets of the moment, target your marketing efforts, and learn how to communicate why now is the time to sell to potential clients.

Raise Your Game with Remote Seller Consultations: As business continues in virtual spaces, even seasoned listing agents can struggle with their presentations. Learn how top agents are rising to the occasion and meeting their seller’s needs in new and innovative ways.

Essential Strategies to Succeed with Sellers: How are you connecting with your sellers? How do you uncover their motivation to sell? In this session, you will learn the scripts needed to secure the deal, and hear tested strategies that will allow you to exceed the expectations of your sellers.


Do More with Less: Shift Your Leverage Strategy: With the changing economic climate, agents are facing the very real realities of having to shift their business strategies and adjusting to fewer resources than usual. Learn how to work smarter by updating your leverage strategies in context of the shifting market.

Turn Crisis into Opportunity: Recruit Top Talent in a Shift: There has never been a better time to find and recruit top talent! Find out why now is the time to act, and learn how to locate, engage and recruit the talent you need to your team.

Lead a Winning Remote Team: For many, social distancing feels heavy on the distance and light on the social. Hear how these agents leveraged remote rituals and habits to maintain their team culture and relationships.


Luxury Lead Generation: Build Your Book of Business: Finding consistent lead sources can be a challenge in the luxury space. Discover lead generation systems and tactics that top luxury agents leverage to fuel their businesses.

Luxury Looking Forward: Prepare Your Listing Business for the Upturn: How you can gain market share to build a strong business that is shift-proof? Hear from a panel of listing specialists on what they have been seeing in the market and what you can do to prepare.

Build a Talented Luxury Team in any Market: Talent in the luxury space can be hard to find and expensive. Learn how top luxury agents have built big businesses and teams that continue to grow even in a shifted market.


The New Generation of Commercial Real Estate (partnered with KWYP): The future is here for commercial real estate! Come meet the new generation of commercial real estate, learn what attracted them to commercial, what their commercial lead systems look like, and the role technology and social media play in their business.

The 7 Figure Commercial Real Estate Agent: Three top-performing CRE agents discuss the secrets to their success, including how they structure their days, how they maintain client relationships, and how their build a pipeline of listings to help their business thrive.

Build an Unstoppable Commercial Team: How do you turn your commercial team into a mega team? Learn how powerful teams have built mega teams, and how they deploy admin and sales leverage to take their unfair share of the market.


Invest in Yourself: Timely Tips for Building Wealth: How are you investing in yourself and your BIG why? Learn tried and true tips on how to build wealth, why it’s important and how to ultimately fund your BIG life!

Balancing Act: Safeguard Yourself While Staying Connected: Experiencing Zoom fatigue? You’re not alone! Find out how Mega Agents are navigating an increasingly remote world, finding balance between their personal and professional worlds, and implementing strategies and solutions to be more mindful of their space, time, and energy.

The Personal Touch: Create Powerful Virtual Client Experiences: Moving from in-person to virtual interactions can rob your client experience of personality and warmth — but it doesn’t have to! Find out what tools to use and how to create lasting impressions in a digital world, and ensure your virtual client experiences do not lose their personal touch.

Strength in Diversity: Build a Thriving Business Through Inclusion: Our industry, culture, and society are experiencing a shift. Do you know how to best implement social justice into your businesses practices? Listen to some of our agents share how they incorporate their passion for inclusion, diversity, and their communities into their business, all while expanding their sphere of influence and increasing their ROI.

Be a (Real Estate) Agent of Change: So, you’ve decided to be the change you want to see in the world — but how? Come listen and learn from some of Keller Williams’ most passionate and successful Agents of Change about the action steps you can take that will help you identify and address discrimination, get involved on a local level, and learn what role we all must play for continued positive social change.

Systematized Success: Build a Powerful Solo Agent Business: Being a solo agent has unique challenges, particularly when it comes to scaling the strong systems and models that power your business to success. Learn how to build strong business systems that keep your unique business needs in mind from some of our most successful solo agents.

Zero in on Your Lead Source Zone: Are your lead sources working for you? Do you know what your lead source zone is? Join our lead generation experts as they discuss their lead sources, how they found their “sweet spot”, and why it’s important to focus on sources that work together.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Build a Top Performing Agent Team: Want to know what a high performing team looks like? Here’s your chance. Take a deeper look into the daily habits and rituals of a Mega Team, what drives their success, and how they collaborate to serve their clients and build a big business.

Win Your Clients’ Trust (and Their Business) with Financial Conversations: Discussing finances can be a sensitive subject in the best of circumstances. As financial stressors arise for your clients, how do you build the trust and confidence to help them? Learn how to build financial intimacy into your client relationships, consult with confidence, and win their business.

Expansion Essentials: How to Build a Scalable Business: Expansion businesses are built on scalable models and systems. Learn how to build a foundation for your business now that will provide inifite opportunities for growth and expansion in the future!

The Ultimate ISA: Want to be a rockstar ISA? Discover how to set yourself apart in your role. Achieve higher contact rates and lead to appointment conversion while mastering scripts that lead to proven success.

The Ultimate Admin: As an administrator, you’re essential to your team’s success. In this session, discover tools and resources, including customer service scripts, checklists for critical activities, office manuals, customer service letters, and much more to help drive your team’s operations.

The Ultimate Buyers Agent: In this session, learn how you can become the ultimate buyers agent while streamlining the buy side of your team’s business. Discover how to increase customer care and create repeat business in order to create raving fans and fuel your team’s client base.

Know Your Value: Redefine Your Value Proposition for an Ever-Changing World: “Has your value proposition kept up with your business in the current environment? Hear how some of our most savvy agents have redefined their value proposition so it accounts for the new normal and learn how you can best leverage your unique value proposition during a shift.

Get Your Unfair Share: Find Opportunities within KW: Build a career worth having by exploring all of the growth opportunities that exist at KW. Come learn how to identify your career vision and manifest your BIG life!

The Commercial Expansion Opportunity for Mega Teams: Create more listings and leverage in your mega business by building a commercial arm as part of your expansion plan. Hear directly from mega team owners and find out how their commercial arm serves their expanded business.

Five Proven Strategies to Break Into and Succeed in Luxury: Learn five winning tactics and strategies from luxury agents that will help you raise your production and average price point.